Inclusion of unsubscribe for internal email campaign

Hi all,

I have a funny feeling I already know this is a non starter.

I understand the need for an unsubscribe link for mailings lists that users have signed up for, but my client has a requirement to send emails internally to their staff only. They won't want the staff to unsubscribe as there could be important information shared this way.

I love the simplicity of CM, but I am finding a bit limiting in certain situations, this being one.

Is there ANY way to remove it? I don't want to go down trying to hide it with CSS or anything silly.

Is it law to have an unsubscribe for internal campaigns to staff only?



Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Nate,

We do require the unsubscribe link (and we'll add one if you don't) but you can contact us via support to discuss the specific situation in more detail.

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