December 5th payment run

Has this gone yet? No funds in the account and the billing page is still saying:

"We'll be transferring this into your nominated PayPal account on December 5 and will email you once the funds are in your account."

stoptime, 6 years ago

Haven't gotten mine either.

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Guys,

So sorry about the delay. There is an updated message in your account as well. We have a bunch of code that verifies the markup amounts, the correct currencies, etc and automatically makes those payments every month. Unfortunately, an issue with it was introduced recently and we're working to get that fixed. Obviously we want to make sure it's perfect before the mark up payments go out (no one wants their payments messed up!). We're expecting it to be resolved and for payments to go out on the 8th. So sorry again about the delay.

D. Potter
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