How to change subscriber's email via API

What's the best way of changing a subscriber's email addresses?

Looking at the API doc and the Ruby wrapper the email address seems to be used as the primary key and it's not clear how to change it directly. Or would I need to unsubscribe the subscriber with the old email and add with the new?

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey there,

The combination of email address and list ID uniquely identifies a subscriber when working with subscribers via the API.

So as you suggested, if you want to change a subscriber's email address, we don't allow that directly via the API the same way we do through the app, so you'll need unsubscribe and re-subscribe with their new email address, which should be pretty straightforward.

tinman, 6 years ago

I'll do it that way then. Thanks for your help.

sgiam, 6 years ago


The negative of doing the subscribe/unsubscribe approach is then you lose the history for that individual, correct?

Is there a reason for not allowing direct email updates?  Is there a technical or policy reason that precludes you from allowing email updates or is this a case of not prioritizing. I understand the initial data match needs be on email, but would love a way to include a variable to be passed with an updated email.

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