How to avoid updates when importing a list?

We have a list which we will be using to send nightly transactional emails with a coupon link. This list has a custom field indicating which batch the user is tied to, and each user should only receive an email once. However, when I import another list, if the newer list contains duplicate information (with a different batch ID), the existing user in the list is updated. This means the user is assigned the new batch ID and coupon info, and would receive a second email allowing them to print a second coupon. I want to avoid this. When I import subscribers, I want to tell CM to ignore any duplicates, rather than updating their information

Is this possible?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi ripvannwinkler, welcome to the forums! Yes, you're correct that the custom field will get updated as you import into an existing list, so the simplest thing to do would be to import each new list to a new subscriber list in Campaign Monitor (ie. One batch ID per list). To be doubly certain that you're not re-emailing the previous batch, you could create a 'Campaign Was Not Opened' segment to exclude recipients of previous campaigns.

At present you can't ignore duplicates on import, sorry to say.

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