Cpanel, Invalid DNS - Seems like a CM and CPANEL showdown.

Okay So I'm adding my DomainKeys/DKIM record and when I click submit it gives me this error of

"Invalid DNS record: Invalid name provided."

Now I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong (highly likely I won't lie)

if anyone could help that would  be great :)

P.S if I ever do figure this out I'm creating a guide for cpanel users

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


Have you seen this one: ?

There seems to be a lot of different versions of Cpanel around, but hopefully that helps.

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Cresh, 6 years ago

I did look at that and sadly nothing helped.

I'm talking to my host to see if its their fault (Most likely)

thanks though :)

trexart, 6 years ago

I also had the same problem in Cpanel and was forced to have my host add it themselves. Not sure why it is happening, but Cpanel doesn't seem to want to add DomainKeys.

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