Scheduling campaign to run every year!


Im trying to make a recurring campaign to my clients but dont know how or can CM even do that?

For example i want to do a christmass campaign which would automaticly send every year to certain list. I have about 15 clients and I want to send automaticly christmass, mothers day and fathers day newsletters - IF i have to do them by hand - im sure i would miss something... I know few softwares which can do this, but can CM?

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi hanhey,

Welcome to the forum. Yes, that is possible using our autoresponders. You can have multiple autoresponders for a single list which can be triggered according to a specific date. Then, you can have them send yearly based on that date, so you'd just need to set up a different autoresponder for each holiday. The holidays which change dates each year will just require a bit more figuring out. To learn more about our autoresponders, check our this help page at .

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