Restrction on content

I may be shooting myself in the foot asking this but I'll do it anyway!

One of my clients has asked me to set up email marketing campaigns directed at all his existing customers - all are well inside the 2 yr rule and have bought online from him so I believe that covers the requirements?

Anyway, the items he sells relate to LEGAL smokable products and party pills - I stress that these are all completely legal.  So the question is (as I can't seem to find any terms and conditions) would I be OK to send email marketing campaigns through your system to these customers?

Hope you have enough info to go on, if not please ask and I'll clarify.


Diana Diana, 6 years ago


We just answered you via support as well.

For everyone else though, we do have a restriction in our terms of use against pharmaceutical related content. Smokable products and party pills, no matter how legal, would be considered pharmaceutical and not something we could allow, sorry.

D. Potter
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