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Hi There,

I was wondering if it was possible that when I send an email, a user is presented with an unsubscribe link that would take them to a page that would allow them to enter in their email, and then it would unsubscribe them.

Currently its set to be a "single-click" unsubscribe but I would like it to present the user with a page with some content persuading them from unsubscribing.

Do I have to use the <unsubscribe> tags? Can I just put them in the bottom of the email with a &nbsp ?


Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Abruno,

We do require that you use our one-click unsubscribe link, sorry. We find it's best that you make unsubscribing as uncomplicated and easy as possible.

You can certainly have a custom redirect that points people to a page that allows them to re-subscribe if they unsubscribed by mistake, though.

D. Potter
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