Custom Fields - how do existing email recipients update values


I'm a little confused about this one.

We are wanting to put quite a few custom fields on our newsletter subscription lists and to make segments based upon these values.

- general list for park viewers (easy, simply subscribed)

- add field to indicate they are interested in events with pets.

How would a user be able to change this value?  Would it be a case of unsubscribing them, and resubscribing them?

We have a subscription/unsubscription form on our pages, but I can't work out how they would be able to see what they had already selected.

Please ask any questions if this doesn't make sense.


Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Di,

If you include a link to the preference center in your campaign, that will allow your subscribers to edit their preferences and fill in details in those custom fields.

D. Potter
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