Image problems with Yahoo Mail?

Hi guys...

Is anyone having problems with Yahoo Mail? I have a template that has been pretty fine tuned to work on as many clients as possible, worked fine for the past few months. But the past couple of days Yahoo seems to refuse to show images. The images are not CSS embeded background images, just pure HTML. And the images work in all other clients that I have tested it on (Google/AOL/Hotmail etc..).

Sometimes the image shows for a brief second then disappears and only shows the placeholder.

I cant find any information anywhere really and it's starting to do my head in!
Any help/advice/thoughts would be great!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi nothingatall, welcome to the forums! We'd like to try and replicate this, so is there a chance that you could post the code you're using here?

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