Use subscribe date as a variable

I have a unique to each user link that gets sent via the confirmation email (it is a coupon for a restaurant).

the link as it is set up in MailBuild:[firstname]&l=[lastname]

obviously becomes:

This is working just fine for the name - but I want to use the subscribe date as a way of adding in a expiration date for the coupon. Right now - I have it so the coupon is simply pulling the current date and adding 1 month. I would like it to add 1 month from the subscribe date (that way a customer cannot just keep going back to the same email every week/month/year and have a non-expired coupon).

So, I'm basically just wondering if it is possible to utilize the subscribe date as a variable. And if so, how?

Something like...[firstname]&l=[lastname]&d=[date]

but I don't know what the [date] should actually be - or if it's possible.

And yes, I realize the links are not actually code, but I couldn't figure out how else to get them to not be broken up :)


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey redketchup, sorry your question flew under the radar there. Unfortunately right now there's no way to include the date subscribed in your confirmation emails I'm afraid. I can see how that would be useful though, and will add it as a potential feature to be added at a later date. As always, we'll announce it on the blog if/when that happens.

aognenoff, 9 years ago

I'll add a vote for this feature.  Specifically so we can include the date they subscribed in the footer of each email - I think it might help people remember that they really did sign up to receive messages from us.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Good call aognenoff, there's definitely some value in that too.

redketchup, 9 years ago

Thanks for the reply Dave - no worries on the post getting skipped over. Obviously it's not a life or death situation (as I haven't even checked in on this post in quite some time :)

But, it could be a nice feature (to use any of the collected info in the confirmation email).

redketchup, 9 years ago

Any progress on this (for MailBuild or Campaign Monitor)? I didn't see anything in the blog, but could have missed it.

Also related, now that it is possible to send html confirmation emails, I'd like to be able to put a coupon directly into that email, instead of a link to another page. Which I assume would mean any PHP involvement would be out - but perhaps not?

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