Predefined Date Tags in other languages

I've search a lot how I could display my date in French and just CANT get it working. IS there a way for those tag (<$currentdayname$> <$currentmonthname$> <$currentday$>, <$currentyear$>) to know which language to display because it's really Useless to display it only in English!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

At the moment, they are English only I'm afraid, so you would be best off to just make those editable sections of your template, and let your client type them in.

I will record your vote for other language options too.

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xexiz, 6 years ago

And how could I make this editable for the client?

Lumipallo, 6 years ago

+1 vote for date localization. in Finnish, kiitos.

Lumipallo, 5 years ago

Where are you with the date localization? Would be much appreciated here in Finland. I can even send you the corresponding translations if its any help.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Lumipallo, sorry we've let this drag on for so long. We're still considering it, so have no firm plans as yet. I'll note that you're still interested internally and will keep you posted on this. Thank you for your patience!

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