Image width in a template

I have a working template with several images that can be replaced by the client.  I have specified and image width as shown below.

<img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='images/default_subimage3.jpg' $>" alt="Sub offer 3" width="150" border="0" />

This helps keep the design tight and in line with the original format. The problem?

When the client is uploading an image bigger than the 150 width it is resizing down to 150 but when they upload an image smaller than 150px wide then it does NOT resize to 150.

Is this by design?  Even though it will probably pixel ate the image i feel its better to resize in this instance as long as the aspect ratio is adhered to.

Thanks for listening...


Diana Diana, 6 years ago


That is by design, we'll only scale images down, not up. If you want to ensure your client always uses images of exactly the same size your best bet is client education, that way the images will look the best as well (as resizing like we do won't always look the best either).

D. Potter
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