Looking for an Aussie designer to work on email + Web projects

Hi folks, passing on the message here from our friends at Quotify:

I'm looking for an individual (freelance or casual employee) to do some work for Quotify, mainly fixing up our 'Partners Sign Up' site. I need someone with a great eye for design and a Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks/whatever weapon, and it would be great (but not essential) if they knew their way around HTML/CSS too.

There's a bunch of small projects, like:

- Fixing call to actions so they look so sexy you couldn't NOT click on them
- Tweaking/updating the theme of the site
- Designing compelling e-mails (to be sent from Campaign Monitor)
- Designing landing pages for our Google campaigns

Anyone is welcome to apply, although we've got a bias for folks who are based in Sydney, Australia. Ideally would prefer to work with an individual, not an agency.

If you're keen, express your interest here: http://bit.ly/anv9r6

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