Shadows left/right without Background Images


i like a shadow left and right rather roundabout the newsletter. until now i am using background images cause the newsletter is variable in the total hight, depending on filled in text.

is there a way to realize this without background images (cause almost no client is displaying them)...

in the past i used background=""... in the TD Tag, but a new version of email marketing software is killig that attribtue and if i am using background-image:url() in stlyes even gmail is not displaying background (with background="" it does)

thanks for help!

kalpaitch, 6 years ago

Yea support for background images isn't great. Your best bet is to build the shadow into the actual image. and just make the cell an extra few pixels wider.

nomar, 6 years ago

sorry, but i dont understand what you mean? if i dont know how much text the editor will type in, i dont know the height of a coul the shadow be built up dynamically then?

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