small lines (cellspacing) in tables displayed on iphone...


i habe a newsletter with many tables to make spaces and positioning and so on and if i open up the NL with the iphone mail client and it is zoomed standardly to see the whole width of the newsletter, everything looks good but i see small "TD-Lines", like there is cellspacing=1 or something... if i zoom into the Newsletter in the iphone the lines disappear if its big enough.

the curiois: the thin lines i see are in a lighter color than the bgcolors i the tables... so if there is a table with all background in #red i see the thin lines in a lighter red, so a color code which is not used at all.

is there any way to fix this?

ckopyar, 6 years ago

Did anybody ever provide a response for this question or did you find an answer?

Green Chilli Design Green Chilli Design, 6 years ago

One way round it would be to set the bg colour on your table, this way the gaps disappear.

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