Windows Live changing text colour

Hi Guys, been rummaging around and cant find an answer to this one. I have no issues with colours in any other email client, but it seems my h2 headings take on a life of their own in windows live. They should be appearing white but for some reason they view as a greeny colour.

Any ideas?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

That's actually a recent update in Windows Live mail. You can work around it by adding an !important to your own header styles. The CSS you need to override is

“h2,h2 a,h2 a:visited,h3,h3 a,h3 a:visited,h4,h5,h6,.t_cht{color:#006E12 !important}

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tannoy, 6 years ago

Just the ticket! Thanks for the help.

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