Removing a 'description' tag causes problems.

I have an scenario which I’d gladly avoid having to live out:

I’ve created a template for my client and he’s spent all week creating a draft for it, updating images and text etc.

He’s now emailed me and told me that he doesn’t want a piece of editable text to be there anymore.

From past experience, if I remove that text from the html file and upload it, the description field count on the draft will have been reduced by one, so everything below said text will be moved backwards.

Is there any way of avoiding the horrible process of repopulating a new draft?

Just to describe the layout of the newsletter:

It contains 2 repeaters and 2 tables - both tables contain 6 cells each containing an image and 3 editable description tags. He wants it taken down to 2 description tags.

[I apologise if this has been answered before, I had no idea how to word it in a search]

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 6 years ago

Tricky situation. I've been in the same boat before and had to manually move this over. Interestingly, Mail chimp is also affected by the same template change to editable regions. - Everything Email.
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