Way too long awaiting campaign approval


CM monitor claims it shouldn't take longer than 12 hours for your campaign to be approved, yet we have been waiting for 24 hours already. Please complete the approval process so we can move on with sending out the newsletter.


Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


It looks like we replied to that request just a few minutes after it came in, asking for some additional information. We're resending that email right now. We'll just need to hear back about those details before we can proceed.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
pbr, 7 years ago


Yes, it seems the reply went to the designer and not ourselves the clients. It's now been taken care of. Thank you.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, our replies will always go to the account owner (it avoids any issues with giving away whitelabel customers).

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