Can I change input field name?

Hi there

I have been given a form to add to a Joomla based site. I wish to integrate the form into the site using a form component (RS Form Pro) so I can add some degree of validation and anti-spam mechanisms, however, RS Form Pro won't accept input names with anything other than an alpha character. ie no hyphens (-)

As the input names appear to be generated automatically is there anything I can do to create my own compatible input names.

As an example... rather than cm-1ytyuo  I would prefer cmHello

Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received.



Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hey Curtis, you cannot change the input name fields in your subscribe form code, but you could try using the API instead of form posting/getting directly to our site. There is a Joomla plugin that you may find helpful.

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