Changing time zone in Client Settings flattens report charts

Is anyone else seeing this problem? (I sent it in via eMail but they won't be getting to it until Monday, so I thought I might get some more insight here first.)

Step 1
Edit Client Settings and change the time zone.
In my case, I changed it from Tokyo (GMT +09:00) to Guadalajara, Mexico - New (GMT -06:00).

Step 2
Open a report.

Chart data to remain intact, but time points to reflect new time zone

What actually happened
Chart data and lines have disappeared from the report

Browser: Safari 5 on Mac OS X 10.6.4

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!


rafael, 7 years ago

Okay, I tried this again, and now the chart data seems to be appearing fine, with the exception of the time marks, which still show the time based on the old time zone. I did a new campaign, which appears correctly, using the new time zone.

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