Align Text to Right of Image

I chose a template that has one of the Items with an image aligned to the left and the text aligned to the right of it.  Below is the code from the template example.  But when I have the template set up and start to create each item - I cannot see how to align my image and text.  I upload the image - but there are no alignment editing opportunities. How do I do this pls?
<p><img width="144" height="192" src="template-basic_clip_image002_0001.jpg" alt="image1.JPG" align="left" hspace="10"></p>
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Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi, if you're using a template you can add content to in the WYSIWYG editor, there aren't any image alignment settings I'm afraid. It'll use what you've defined in the template HTML, so all repeating items in one repeater tag will have the same alignment.

In the example you gave, the align attribute is set to "left", so the text will be floated to the right of the image. Did that explain it?


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