Mailing List or Custom Field

Hi there,

Interested in getting feedback from the CM community on this....

Which of these 2 two ways would be the most efficient and sensible way to have multiple newsletters....

Option One
Have separate subscriber lists for each newsletter

Option Two
Have one subscriber list but use a custom field to differentiate between the different newsletters.

The advantage to option one (unless there is another way you can do this) is that your subscribe and unsubscribe emails and landing pages (the ones that get send / redirect to after subscribing or unsubscribing) can be customised for that particular newsletter, i.e.

Thanks for subscribing to our XYZ newsletter
Thanks for subscribing to our ABC newsletter

Targeted messaging can be included in this email and the landing pages that is specific to that newsleter

Option two is nice, in that it’s a 'neater' way to manage your subscribers, i.e. one list of subscribers. The problem is someone can't unsubscribe from just the one mailer - but instead would need to update their details through a preference centre.

Anyone got any thoughts or opinions on this?


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