Dealing with Unsubscribed addresses

I have a list of about 20k email addresses that contain names already in the database. When I input them, campaign monitor removes the duplicates which is great and very handy. However this is an old list and some of the email addresses that I have in the list to input may have been inputted previously and unsubscribed. I don't want to add these to the list again and end up sending them an ezine that they had unsubscribed to previously.

Does anyone know if Camapaign Monitor will automically not include email addresses of people that previuosly unsubscribed even if the address is inputted again into the database?

geoffgraham geoffgraham, 7 years ago

Yes, Campaign Monitor automatically checks your imported list against a suppressed list of email addresses and scrubs it clean of anyone who has previously unsubscribed or bounced from your subscriber lists.

You can review your suppressed list by going into your Manage Subscribers tab. It's the link listed at the very bottom of your existing lists.

I hope this helps you out!

Geoff Graham
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Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Great answer Geoff!

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