Good tools to generate the type of HTML we use in e-mail marketing

So I have just finished coding an HTML e-mail newsletter, and after the initial step of slicing the Photoshop design into separate images and tables (with several rowspans and colspans) I also had to add a lot of extra attributes and tags (such as valign-, width-, height-attributes and repeated font-family styles on tags). I even needed to markup what was normally a list of items and some paragraphs with severla nested tables according to the specifications I was provided with :-(

Nowadays it seems most tools (as well as my instincts as a web developer of 2010) lead towards clean, table-less and sematic markup, which apparently is no good when you are creating HTML e-mail newsletters.

I was wondering if you know of any specific editors that help in creating this kind of superfluous and 1997-esque HTML?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi michielvoo, I think you can bend quite a few HTML editors to do your bidding in this respect. Personally, I use Adobe Dreamweaver, as it makes it really easy to create tables, plus it still provides code suggestions for old-style attributes like valign etc.

Sadly, we do have to leave our standardista hats at the door when it comes to email design...

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