Create a segment based on "last sent a mail to this subscriber" date

We send a monthly newsletter to clients. We would like to start breaking the list up into segments to target customers who have bought certain products and brands. If I create a segment for everyone who has bought Brand A and send it off, and then create another segment for everyone who has bought Brand B, I want to add another requirement to the second segment to exclude people who have been sent a newsletter in the last x days so that people who have bought Brands A and B don't get two newsletters. This would be easy if there was a field per subscriber for "date of last e-mail send".
Is this built in, or do I have to do some fancy work with the API in between each send?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

This isn't built in, but thanks for the suggestion. I've added your vote to our list, we've had a couple of similar suggestions in the past.

Right now you would need to use the API and check that on your end.

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