SLOW delivery for a small campaign


I'm wondering if there is an issue today with CM?
One of our client's newsletter has been sent out more then an hour ago (87 recipients) but hasn't been delivered to anyone yet. It's just stuck at "This campaign has already been queued for immediate delivery"

Are you experiencing backlogs again or something?

That would be great if CM could clear this problem out ASAP..


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We're discussing this via support, but it seems to be related to your specific campaign rather than a generalised issue with Campaign Monitor.

We're on the case.

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olgri, 7 years ago

SOLVED! It was a problem on our end - credit card was expired so the payment could not get through...

Thanks to the fast response of CM support staff - the problem was sorted out at the same day! :-)

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