Unwanted subscribers

We have set up a subscribe form on one of our clients sites and they are starting to get a number of "spam" subscribers, specifically at the text2re.com domain, but others as well. These subscribers have names like "ipeizu" and "bazqeir". They appear to be from something that's crawling through the internet and proliferating form fields. These email addresses are bouncing and also unwanted.

Is there a solution that's not manually going through and deleting these on a regular basis?


travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago


Unfortunately this can be a real (and annoying) problem. Does the form you are currently using have any kind of CAPTCHA on it?

This would probably be the first thing I would try. There's a few real easy to use methods out there like reCAPTCHA which is both free and relatively easy to install on any form.


Hopefully that helps a bit.

Travis Bell
oster, 7 years ago

Thanks. I appreciate the response.

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