DomainKeys not Authenticating on Dreamhost, any ideas?

Yesterday I added the two records as TXT entries on my domain hosted at Dreamhost, but Campaign Monitor has not been able to authenticate the DomainKeys piece.

It verified the Sender ID portion without a hitch. Any ideas why DomainKeys wouldn't be working?

Thanks all! -Matt

rafael, 9 years ago

I've got the opposite problem with Dreamhost - although their support wiki says they don't support DomainKeys, that part authenticated fine, while the Sender ID entry did not.

jansenma, 9 years ago

I think the problem stems from how they're handling TXT records. Doing a lookup up, I didn't see any sign of my DomainKeys entry. Is your Sender ID record showing up?

If the TXT record would just show up I think we'd have a chance.

I contacted Dreamhost and their only response was that they won't support 3rd party applications

tconner, 8 years ago

I got both to work.

In the dreamhost panel click on doamins, the DNS under the domain you want to edit.

To enter the DomainKeys use these values:
name: paste in the value supplied by cm in TXT Name
type: txt (select from dropdown)
value: paste in the value supplied in TXT Text
comment: leave blank

To enter teh Sender ID use these values:
name: leave blank
type: txt (select from dropdown)
value: paste in teh value supplied in TXT Text
comment: leave blank

Wait a few minutes, then authenticate on the cm website.

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