Outlook spam filter issues

Outlook 2003 is frequently flagging items such as the below as being indicative of spam when using the Campaign Monitor design and spam testing service.  Both Outlook 2003 and 2007 are failing, though only Outlook 2003 calls these items out specifically, though not always from test to test.  These items do not appear to be part of the source HTML, does anyone know why they sometimes show up and what can be done about it?   

i4.cmail3.com (weight: 0.8)
i4cmail3com (weight: 0.8)
i3.cmail3.com (weight: 0.8)
i3cmail3com (weight: 0.8)

JD JD, 7 years ago

Hello!  I saw you asked this question through the support line.  We've sent you a response there. Thanks!

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