Automated email with unique phrase upon signup

Hi there. I have a client who wants to be able to automatically email a user when they sign up. I know this is possible. The interesting part is he wants to be able to give each of those users a unique passphrase (let's say it's a coupon) that they can use. Any suggestions on how I would be able to accomplish this?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi TonyGeer,

Yes, this is possible, but would rely on your own scripting to generate the actual unique value. If you create a custom field, say called 'coupon', you can include that field as a hidden field in your subscribe form. You would have to have some kind of scripting to create a unique value to pass along as the value for the hidden field.

In your Subscription Confirmation Email you can then invoke that custom field by including the personalization tag, in this case it would be [coupon,fallback=]

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TonyGeer, 7 years ago

Great, thanks for the info davidaf!

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