multiple subscriber boxes?

I have a subscriber box on my website for a newsletter I write. Now I want to add a second subscriber box to the same website so that subscribers to this DIFFERENT newsletter can get their own DIFFERENT content. Thing is, I want to manage it all from the same login/user here at CM.

Any problems with this? How to?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

You can create as many subscriber lists as you like under one account, and create a different subscribe form for each list. Also, when you generate the code for your subscribe form, it will give you the option to add an opt-in checkbox for other lists, so that the form allows your subscribers to join other lists simultaneously.

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berchman berchman, 5 years ago

And if logic follows they will get auto-responders from each list they opt-into?

Signup for 3 lists, 3 auto-responders?

Or is there any way to have logic that send a combined email thanking them for all 3 signups in one email?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi berchman, yes, you are correct - if you have setup a welcome autoresponder for each of the lists, then a subscriber who has opted into all three lists will receive 3 welcome emails. At present we don't have the logic in place for a combined welcome email, but I'm happy to add your vote for this and let you know if it's something we add in a future release :)

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