CM wide reporting

It would come in handy if the API let's you do more than campaing monitor is allready capable of.

For example:
We have a CM platform for a client that has 400 subclients.
So we 've setup a seperated CM platform from scratsch and added all 400 clients.

IT would be nice if we'd had a way to get alle reporting into one sheet.
So we can compair if his brancholders are productive, and so much more.

I could use the api and loop through all queries but that's a time consuming method, and kind a hard for the server to handle.

Maybe a request, or if anyone has a solution shoot

lavagraphics lavagraphics, 7 years ago

Allright, we've build a custom reporting tool. One that reports all the campaigns over an account in one chart. The API is a little heavy but while using cronjobs this tool just rocks. A whole new reporting suite and a happy client. :-)

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