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I apologize if I'm missing something, but we cannot figure out how to export our associated custom fields with details of campaign reports. When you export from Reports you only get the name, email, and the data relevant to the report page you are on. Is there a way to get all user data (custom fields) associated with each person when exporting from a report?

Our example is: We have a custom field for a Sales Rep, and we want to be able to quickly export a report (CSV) after a campaign goes out and provide the active users to the sales rep assigned to them. We have resulted to creating a segment per rep and filtering it to only show specific campaign activity the exporting form there. But this is very time consuming process to create 10+ new segments every time we send a campaign. Any ideas? Is there something we are missing or is there a possible API solution to this?

Thanks for you time.

Tommy, 7 years ago

Hi thinkcreative

You can do this by exporting the report "Recipient Activity"
Click the "Recipient Activity" on the right side under "Campaign Reports" and then export that report... !!

That will get you all the fields in the report :-)
Thats how we do it !!

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