White Label or Do-it-yourself GroupOn type service?

Is anyone aware of a service similar to Campaign Monitor that allows you to make your own GroupOn like coupons for clients.  Seems like a natural extention of the service. 

GroupOn is expensive and is not controlled by the designer.  I don't want to be the middle man but want to do a similar service for my clients without recreating the wheel.

Thanks everyone.

todd_e_bryant, 7 years ago

OfferFoundry.com maybe?

Cecconi, 6 years ago

ChompOn has a publisher platform for creating and scheduling deals/coupons/certificates, as well as Townhog and Livingsocial, as far as I'm aware.

brianparks421, 6 years ago

You can learn more about the Tippr white-label solution at PoweredbyTippr.com

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