Hotmail Delays..

Hey there,

I've already sent an email to support but I'm reposting here as I'm slightly concerned about time (90 mins till the end of the working day here in the UK).

I sent an email this afternoon (an hour ago) - nobody from Hotmail has received it yet. Are you currently experiencing delays?

We have approximately 1000 Hotmail users on our list - quite a big amount. Would ideally like to get these out in the next hour before everyone leaves work.

Any ideas?


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Asif,

From reports that we've seen elsewhere it looks like it's a problem on Hotmail's end. They're having some issues on their servers and it's causing delays, bounces, etc. Unfortunately, that's outside of our control.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
asif, 7 years ago

Thanks Diana.

A quick search on Twitter does in fact reveal that Hotmail does seem to be suffering delays today.

Thanks for the quick response.


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