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Is there a way to have a link with data from a custom field.

CLICKING HERE text is a link to a URL with the user ID put into it.[ID]-[IDCHKDIG]&SBTYPE=QR&PGTP=B

[ID] is a custom field
[IDCHKDIG] is a custom field


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, and you do it pretty much just like that, by inserting the correct tag for the custom field value you want to use. See for more ideas.

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Gcoughlin, 7 years ago

I added a link formatted in this way. It is not working the test email, is this ok? The other custom fields are not working in the test as well ([FIRSTNAME], [LASTNAME], etc..).

Also, do I need to disable link tracking in order for this to work? If so can you let me know how.


Gcoughlin, 7 years ago

I was sending the test email after I imported the email. I have gone through the import process and at the second point "Test and Define Delivery" you have the opportunity to take a random person to send in the test. It is working fine now. I didn't want to just delete my last post because someone searching the forums may have the same issue. Also, do I did not need to disable link tracking in order for this to work.


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