Dear [firstname,fallback=], query

When I use perosnalisation tag in the body of the email, e.g. as  follows

Hello [firstname,fallback=], welcome to our newsletter

If no firstname is available it displays

Hello , welcome to our newsletter

Is there a way to put the comma into the peronalisation tag itself? Or would I change the greeting to

[firstname,fallback=Hello], welcome to our newsletter

Which if no firstname was available would produce

Hello, welcome to our newsletter
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Your second option would work if you don't mind having

Mathew, welcome to our newsletter

for the personalisation. It isn't possible to have the comma inside the tag though.

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twosruse, 7 years ago

What about fallback=Guest or Customer or Dear

figure8, 6 years ago

same issue here with the following sentence:
Beste [firstname,fallback=],

trying to find a way to get rid of the space between "beste" and the comma.

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