Overlapping images in IE using repeater

A client contact has reported that my recent CM-designed/delivered email has an overlapping images problem in IE. not sure if this is occurring in Outlook (apparently not, but who knows, as i use MacOS and rely on clients to let me know of any visual problems in Windows).

the link to the web version is here: http://theneurographyinstitute.createsend2.com/T/ViewEmail/r/5C428C0C1C9AA9BB/94C204D26A5984D2C5EC08CADFFC107B

the reported problem occurs in the additional stories section where i am adding images only as successive "stories" - the repeater section.

can anyone with IE duplicate this problem, and if so, have any suggestions as to what is going on?

i appreciate your taking the time to check it out. thank you.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hey charger70,

Yes it is overlapping in IE, and it's likely due to the align:right property that you have defined for all those images and back to top links, which you aren't clearing in your following elements.

You have the text-align: right pretty well defined, I would imagine that taking out the align:rights will fix things up. I tested this on my end and it's no longer overlapping in IE when I take out those align:right properties. Give that a try.

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charger70 charger70, 7 years ago

davida - THANK YOU for taking the time to help me - i pulled the image align rights and here's the result:


how does it look in IE to you now?

thanks in advance for your help - i really appreciate it.

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