Just sent a campaign but received warning message

Hi there,

I just sent out a campaign on behalf of the client and I am not sure if it has actually been sent yet.

I went through all the campaign process and clicked 'send campaign immediately' at the end.

After the sending loading session was complete, I received a warning message, with a yellow triangle exclamation sign, saying that Campaign Monitor is sorting out a few 'account issues' and will send the email as soon as it is sorted.

After going back to the dashboard the campaign is still in the create/send folder.

Are you able to clarify what the 'account issue' is? Should I click send again? I'm getting a bit nervous here :(

Also, one notable thing I picked up is, I just found out my client sent out another campaign 8 minutes before I sent our mine (a bit naughty of them), I think perhaps this has something to do with the delay?

Your soonest support is much appreciated.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi oliversudotcom, welcome to the forums. It's best that Support takes a look into why your client's account is not sending campaigns, so kindly pop an email to support [at] campaignmonitor.com with details regarding this issue. We'll look into it ASAP.

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oliversudotcom, 7 years ago

Hi there, thanks so much for your reply. Support has got back to me and we're currently sorting this out. The team's been very helpful.

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