Repeat entire table content???

Is it possible to repeat entire table content aswell as just descriptions and images etc.

For example, I have a border to separate a section of content

               <!-- CONTENT OPEN -->
                    <td align="left">
                        <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="600">
                                <td width="600" valign="top" align="left">
                                    <$description default='<p">Enter your body content here.</p>'$>
                <!-- CONTENT CLOSE -->
               <!-- BORDER SEPARATOR OPEN -->
                        <img src="z_images/route1/bg_border.gif" width="600" height="30" alt="Border" style="display:block; border:0;" />
               <!-- BORDER SEPARATOR CLOSE -->

If i wrap all of the above code in a repeater tag the only thing that gets repeated is obviously the description tag, however I want my client to be able to create a new section which is separated by a border.

I suppose I could include the image tag and give them the border image themselves to upload, but this is not ideal.

Any other ideas?



danielpace, 7 years ago

Nevermind, it actually does get repeated, I thought it didn't work because when i tried to move the new section I created, the layout looked as if it was broke i.e. there were 2 border images above 2 bits of copy. Previewing it fixed it again. Is this a common bug?

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Dan,

If you include the whole table in the repeater, this will work in the editor as well (details here).


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