SoapFault Error on Call to Campaign.GetSubscriberClicks


Im having an error during api call using soap;

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Exception: Sorry, but we've run into a problem. Please try again or contact support
at Pronto.API.ExceptionHandlers.TryThis[T](WebService service, Func`1 body) in d:\Builds\deploy\working\app\CampMon.API\ExceptionHandlers.cs:line 24
at Pronto.api.api.GetSubscriberClicks(String ApiKey, String CampaignID) in d:\Builds\deploy\working\app\api\api.asmx.cs:line 317

This happens when there are some values for the clicks, but it never failed when there are no clicks yet.
Im using the php soap extension on php 5.3+.

davidh, 7 years ago


Thanks for letting us know about this error. This is caused by a bug that can affects campaigns created with the API when you specify a list and a segment in the same list for the recipients.

I have fixed up the problem for your campaign, so you should be able to use the GetSubscriberClicks API for it now. I have also created a task to fix the underlying bug.


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