Requesting Clarification on Personalisation tags

I need clarification on Personalisation tags, before I instruct a client to fiddle with his 25,000 contacts in an excel file!

I've read the posts on Personalisation at.. … php?id=782 … hp?id=2455

I appreciate the [fullname] record is composed of [firstname] followed by [lastname] so CM is obviously able to split [fullname] into [firstname] and [lastname] on the fly.

Can you confirm that I'm NOT able do the following:
to create a custom field called [title] (i.e. Mr, Mrs or Dr. etc) and then start the email like...

Dear [title,fallback=] [lastname, fallback=Subscriber]


If i cannot, do i have to instruct my client to concatenate the title/lastname records in his csv to be one record that he imports as [fullname]

Many thank up front

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Yes, you can do exactly what you proposed there, using a title custom field. It would work fine.

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