Forward to a Friend Subscribe

I feel like the "Forward to a Friend" feature is missing a key ingredient. And that is allowing the person you forward it too to subscribe to that email list. Can the lead-in on the forwarded email have an automatic link to the subscribe form in the case the recipient would want to sign up?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Thanks for the suggestion. It isn't currently possible to automate, but you could just put a section in your email "Recieved this from a friend and want to sign up? Click here to subscribe" and link it to your website signup form.

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burcham, 7 years ago

I'd like to second the request for that feature.  I've used "Received this from a friend and want to sign up? Click here to subscribe" before but it's less than ideal.

I'd love to see a checkbox on the Forward to Friend customization page that would allow a subscription link to be added after the friends message.

shg, 7 years ago

Third request for this feature. I have a client asking me right now why I can't do it in his newsletter!

profclimber profclimber, 7 years ago

Me to! :)

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