Java wrapper with Campaign Monitor

Has anyone used java to connect to the jcm.jar provided by the Campaign Monitor as the java wrapper?

Can I have basic code on connecting & listing lists etc?

Thanks & Regards

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hi Uzma,

I believe I have replied to your support request related to the Java wrapper for our API. Just repeating what I said for anyone else's benefit:

The jcm project at includes the jcm.jar file which is designed to be used as a library in your applications, but it can actually be executed using java -jar jcm.jar
if you want to test certain functionality using the jar file itself.

There is a class com.campaignmonitor.api.console.Console
which contains the main method if you execute the jcm.jar file. The Console class contains some sample wrapper methods which should be helpful for you in writing code to use this library.

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