SenderID: using an existing '@' spf entry instead of adding a new one

I'm trying to add senderID to When I edit its DNS zone, this record exists:

@ TXT v=spf1 ~all

So, instead of adding a new record like this: TXT v=spf1 mx ~all

I have modified the '@' entry thus:

@ TXT v=spf1 ~all

My question is - is that OK? Note, there's no 'mx' in that entry as there is in the provided SenderID. Will that caise any problems? How about having it listed under '@' instead of ''?

I didn't want to create a second SenderID entry for the domain in case I completely screw up its email. Can anyone from CM comment on my setup? Thanks.

antanova, 7 years ago

Update: CM has successfully validated the SenderID for my domain. I'd still like to see any comments about whether I've gone about things in the right way, and whether there are any other changes I should make, because I'm not the most confident with modifying DNS and only do ir rarely.

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Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You are correct, just adding in the part is all you need to do with the existing record, and it will all work fine.

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