Suggestions for allowing subscribers to print images/coupons/content?

I have a client that would like to add an image (coupon) to their newsletter, but make that image linked to itself.  So if someone clicks on the image, they'll be directed to that image in their web browser.  This way subscribers don't have to print multiple pages to print the coupon.

The problem is that the user would need to add the image, save it, then copy its location by right clicking on it (easier in Firefox than IE of course), then re-edit the image to paste the location in the link area.

Any suggestions on how to make this process any easier, since CM doesn't have an image "library"? 

The client doesn't have access to their webserver to upload images... but perhaps adding them to something like Picasa or Flickr might help ... only problem is they'd like to keep the image as limited as possible to their subscriber base.

Any other comments regarding printing email content are also welcome.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi BraceRosso,

Really the only thing I can suggest you already mention, which is finding a site that they can upload the image to and link to. You might look at setting them up with something like Dropbox, which acts like an online folder that they can even drag the images into. It includes a public folder that they could drag the images to, then link them, and delete them when the coupon has expired.

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