Photo enters other article zones

In December one of my clients created her newsletter from a template that was set up for her. she sent out many before this one that did not have the problem I am describing below.

She moved the position of the article around in order (up and down) and since then what ever article is the fourth position down that article's image wraps into the third article above. We tested and moved others around and what ever came in fourth had that same issue.

I plan to delete the current template I put up for her and put the original back up to see if we can fix the issue. then I plan to recreate the problem...

but has anyone had this problem before? Thank you.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hello, please feel free to post the code if you feel the template may be causing this layout glitch. We're happy to take a look at it!

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