Gmail actually working with background images!


I'm a little perplexed, so I was hoping if you guys could help me figure out what was deemed to be unsupported is in fact supported in Gmail.

Please take a look at this screenshot of my Gmail account for this email newsletter from a client:

I know that Gmail does not support background images in CSS, but has anyone ever tried the good old HTML background tag? Because this seems to be working in my case. I didn't code this creative, the client sent it to me, and for whatever reason, it's working in Gmail.

It looks like crap in Outlook 2007 though, which is a given, since they don't support background images at all in HTML nor CSS.

But I was wondering if this was just a glitch? I can swear to you that the code is simply table td cells with <td background=""></td>.

Any guesses?

*P.S.* Forgot to mention that all the images (except the "!" icon) that you see have been coded as background images, no <img src> whatsoever.


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