AJAX Form: Email Verification and Hide-and-Seek DIV tag

Downloaded the CampaignMonitor AJAX form and having a newbie issue with it.
Have a simple form on this page.

The trouble is:
Confirmation message (in hidden DIV tag) is not working

Also, would like to know how to change the email error message to show up on the page with a hidden div tag, instead of going to the generic c/send page.

billyocean, 7 years ago

Any takers?

billyocean, 7 years ago

At the sake of sounding desperate, would love to get a response on this. I know this is a very elementary problem and may have already been addressed in other threads. If so, can someone point me in that direction?

billyocean, 7 years ago

Though nobody replied on this support forum, I received help elsewhere and was able to get it to work. Just in case someone else has the same problem, check out: Zoo-Arcade.com

one good turn deserves another. :0)

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